The Data Orchestration Ecosystem facilitates the intelligent integration of this data at the point of care; where and when it is needed. This data can be processed by a suite of quality assurance and analytical tools, called CHECK.

CHECK extracts evidence-based behavioural markers. The process is designed from robust psychological constructs. These markers are in explainable, open-sourced predictive models. They enable stratification to assist better understanding of the user’s situation and needs

The complete process makes it possible to identify opportunities for timely, personalised interventions. This increases the possibility of a higher quality experience for the user, improved engagement from them and better outcomes overall.

Use Case: Supporting Population Health Management

Providing a real-world case study of the application of NHS Design Principles and emerging AI standards, contributing to the Turing Institute / IEEE Standards Association program to create an Ethical Assurance Framework for Data-Driven Technologies in Healthcare.


Intelligent Intervention Design: Engage patients with empathetic non-judgemental and meaningful conversations.

Conversational Channel: Operate over any channel to support conversational experiences.

Process Automation: Actionable Analytics; and Data Enrichment. event-based integration into workflows to respond to states of vulnerability and opportunity.

Intelligent Summaries: Highlighting key current information on patient priorities, presenting problems and progress.

SMART Responses: Editable suggestions for appropriate interventions and signposting relevant to their stage of change.


Prioritisation of patients for treatment using Shared Decision Making to ensure;

  • waiting lists are prioritised fairly and transparently,
  • waiting lists are informed by all the available information,
  • and patients are prepared for treatment and recovery.

Signposting citizens / patients to non-clinical services to support build capacity for self-care (Social Prescribing) and improve navigation of the support system.

Allocate scarce clinical services and associated resources.

Personalisation of messaging to encourage ongoing engagement and participation in secondary prevention programmes (‘waiting well’).


Reduced non-attendance.

Increased patient engagement and optimised matching of patients to treatment protocols.

Enhancing productivity and facilitating the delivery of high-quality and supportive services.

Continuity of care for the patient, saving scarce appointment time by ensuring both sides are briefed and have recommendations ready to support next steps.

System Features and Benefits

The system can scaffold peer and professional health coaching responses to consistently recognise and capitalise on states of opportunity to promote engagement and enhance efficacy. The system Makes Every Contact Count by building skills for sustainable self-management and enriches social support by leveraging bonding, bridging and linking social capital. The integration of conversational insights with EHR data improves prediction of vulnerability and enables stratification, safeguarding and escalation using risk and triage models aligned with clinical guidelines and governance. The conversational insights can also provide actionable feedback on therapeutic fidelity and proactively monitor compassion fatigue to provide early warning of staff burnout.

Co-developed – using Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) approaches, the Inclusive, sustainable design has been peer-reviewed by Greater Manchester AI Foundry technical and ethical experts and incorporates Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) to provide transparency and trust.

Evidence-based – transdiagnostic psychological theories of motivation applicable to a wide range of health conditions and comorbidities, the solution helps tailor interventions to match individual stage of change. Employing leading-edge transformer language technology based on open models and active, collaborative machine learning to capture professional expertise and maintain currency, with Humans-in-the-Loop controlling final decisions.

Securely hosted – scalable solution, interoperable with Clinical and Personal Data Stores, improves quality and continuity of care, increases access and reduces administrative burden via automated clinical and patient summaries of key interaction patterns, and smart reply generation.


Health Place is a digital health assistant that gives users one-stop access to uniquely comprehensive support that includes apps, websites, and help lines as well as local services, activities and groups – all organised around priority goals and actions that users want to achieve. Health Place also offers a set of tools that put users in control of their ongoing healthcare, including tracking of goals, a journal to reflect on progress, a personal network of support, an interactive timeline to gain an overview of progress, plus smart recommendations of new tasks to complete. Health Place is working with HD Labs to test an innovative model of care for children and young people with mental health problems in North Wales.

Virtual health labs specialise in co-designing, testing and deploying digital behaviour change interventions. Our clients include NHS England, NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and Health Charities. Unlike other health apps our white label solution can be tailored to different conditions, behaviours, populations, organisations and levels of readiness to change. We aim not to compete but rather augment local services whilst empowering local people and generating useful behavioural insight data. We are currently working with 2 AHSN’s to evaluate the impact of our solutions on different populations.