What we know about our goal

We have realised the following truths are critical to understand in order to deliver effective digital public services:

  • It is a huge challenge to apply Intelligent automation to human behaviour
  • User experience is the key to an effective service – technology is only an enabler
  • Technology only produces progress when developed in concert with human understanding
  • A deep awareness of underlying technologies is required to deliver an effective service
  • The arrival of automated, conversational intelligence will set a new context for digital public service
HD Labs: Our Values

The values driving our goal

We have recognised certain values that unite us. These shared beliefs are further validated by the positive feedback we get from clients. They recognise how these ideas drive our attitude and our outlook. And they help us build long-lasting productive relationships in pursuit of the best digital public service. These beliefs are:

Respect – We commit to being taken at our word. We will be transparent and honest in the way we do business

Passion – We bring our A-game to work. Enthusiasm for a better tomorrow is contagious

Pace – We work with purpose: we find the right level of detail to create and maintain momentum

Curiosity – We aim to listen more than we speak. We seek to make new connections and invest in new ideas

Compassion – We put ourselves in other’s shoes to understand their perspectives and co-produce solutions

Humour – We are able to step back and see the bigger picture because we do not take ourselves too seriously